Education and Opportunity

Global Citizens Circle knows education is the key to expanding opportunity for those left behind. Economies around the globe depend on an educated workforce, and people in all areas deserve the right to livable wages, a roof over their heads, and a safe environment for their children. The need for an education has never before been so striking, and GCC will continue to address issues of education and opportunity for all, bringing together people who are in the forefront of crafting solutions that lead to a more equitable and just society.    
Education, Labor and the Economy
The late economist and diplomat John Kenneth Galbraith and his wife and author Kitty Galbraith participated often in GCC programs beginning in 1978. Here, Kitty asks a question of Nobel Lauriat and former President of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias. Years later, GCC guests discussed with Secretary of Labor, Alexis Herman, workforce needs in a global economy.
Anytime, Anywhere Learning
Theodore Sizer, a leading educational visionary and reformer, explained his views that schools “should explicitly and self-consciously promote a commitment to trust and decency.” Eugene Lee, sixth grade student from Weston, Massachusetts, asks a question of a discussion leader.
Children, Family, Community
Hillary Rodham Clinton discussed parenting and politics after the release of her book, It Takes A VillageMarian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, led several discussions offering compelling statistics and tangible action for children in need of safe homes and schools.
Our Gift to the World’s Children
GCC delegations to South Africa and to Cuba focused on children and our responsibilities to them especially their need for our time and attention. Ambassador Andrew Young and First Lady of Mozambique and South Africa, Graça Machel, spoke of “the violence of poverty that afflicts children around the world.”

Examples of countless intergenerational Circles held on these and related topics.

Students of all ages attend Circles free of charge and have an opportunity to listen, learn and interact with discussion leaders.