Global Reach and Local Action

“Think global, act local,” is not simply a sounds-good slogan, but it is an ethos to which Global Citizens Circle adheres. GCC discussions bring global leaders together with local activists to listen to and learn from one another, and in so doing, discover common issues and solutions to problems that face our world and our communities.
Disarmament and Demilitarization
At a Circle in 1979 when the mood was hopeful and the politics bi-partisan, Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge and Senator Ted Kennedy related the need to slow the arms race in the face of an increasingly lethal international environment. President and Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias discussed demilitarization as a path to peace.
Women Taking the Lead
A group representing many different points of view gathered in to hear and respond to feminist Gloria Steinem. She began by discussing issues which affect women around the world. Luz Mendez of Guatemala championed the idea of transforming peace processes by bringing women to the table.
Capitalism and Social Responsibility
Robert Reich, one of America’s foremost political economists, spoke with Circle participants about capitalism in the 21st century and the changing global economy. Body Shop founder, Anita Roddick, addressed the questions of how a company becomes a social activist and why it should.
Support During and After Apartheid
In 1985 GCC gave voice to the anti-apartheid struggle by hosting ANC President in exile, Oliver Tambo. Of Tambo, Nelson Mandela said, “Much more than a brother to me. I know that he would give his life to see me free.” Fortunately, Mandela was freed five years later and Tambo went home to join him in South Africa. GCC honored Mandela in 1994.

Examples of countless intergenerational Circles held on these and related topics.

Students of all ages attend Circles free of charge and have an opportunity to listen, learn and interact with discussion leaders.