Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

Conflict anywhere in the world deserves the attention of global citizens who can encourage and support positive change toward peace. GCC believes that conflict resolution, peace and reconciliation are built upon civil discourse and respect for diverse opinions. GCC will continue to make room at the table for parties looking for solutions to conflict and division.
Lessons of Apartheid
A 61-member Global Citizens Circle delegation traveled to South Africa on the fifth anniversary of its freedom meeting people involved in building the new South Africa. Visits included meetings with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Ahmed Kathrada, Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu.
Peace in Northern Ireland
In 1972, two weeks after Bloody Sunday, Global Citizens Circle went to Northern Ireland to meet with John Hume, the leader of the non-violent Catholic peace cause. From that point on, we committed ourselves to helping build trust among all parties to the conflict, Catholics, Protestants, Republicans and Unionists.
Central America Turmoil
Bianca Jagger gave Circle guests her perspective on the human toll taken by the turmoil in Central America and her belief that the US should not arm government forces in El Salvador. Peace in Central America was the focus of another Circle years later with Charlie Clements and actor and humanitarian activist Ed Asner.
Middle Ground on the Middle East
Mubarak Awad, the founder of Nonviolence International, led a discussion with Middle East scholar, Yosef Olmert. The conversation was moderated by Marcia Gillespie, former Editor-In-Chief of Essence and Ms. magazines, and stimulated many comments and questions from audience participants.
Afghanistan: A Delicate Balance
Following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1981, discussion leaders Paul Fitzgerald and Liz Gould showed their documentary Afghanistan Between Three Worlds. Years later, after the US invasion of the country, they returned with Sima Wali, prominent Afghan human rights advocate.
From Despair to Hope
Harry Belafonte led a moving discussion with The Children of War participant, Arn Chorn Pond, who also joined GCC for a later discussion on a global ban on landmines. US Senator Patrick Leahy shared his thoughts and conviction about the necessity of eliminating the use of landmines in war.

Examples of countless intergenerational Circles held on these and related topics.

Students of all ages attend Circles free of charge and have an opportunity to listen, learn and interact with discussion leaders.