Sustainable Development

There is no issue more critical in our world today than how to achieve sustainable development that ensures opportunities for and the livelihood of future generations. As cities around the world grow and people compete for resources, Global Citizens Circle continues to bring people to the table for discussions about how best to achieve development that is equitable and sustainable for our children, grandchildren and beyond.
Urban and Rural Decisions
In 1979 New York City Mayor Ed Koch discussed the wide-ranging reforms he described as a “renaissance” for the “urban pioneers” of his native New York City. US Senator from Iowa, Tom Harkin, spoke of his early, first-hand experience in the problems of working men and women, farm families and their rural lives.
Neighborhoods and Housing for All
Developer James Rouse created livable spaces in many US cities and he talked with Circle participants about the need for neighborhood revitalization. Advocates for the homeless, Mitch Snyder and Martin Sheen articulated the pain of poverty and discussed their efforts to influence legislation to improve and change the plight of the homeless.
Energy Resource and Policy
Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, reflected on their time in the White House, including the very difficult energy crisis of the late 1970s. Amory Lovins, cofounder of the Rocky Mountain Institute, a nonprofit foundation which fosters resource efficiency and global security, spoke with Newsweek columnist Gregg Easterbrook about energy policy around the world.
Environmentalism and Green Justice
As top Administrator of the EPA in 1997 Carol Browner spoke of environmental stewardship and sustainability with GCC participants. Steven Curwood facilitated conversation with Desmond Tutu and Majora Carter about the need to ensure that the burden of environmental degradation is not shouldered exclusively by the poor.

Examples of countless intergenerational Circles held on these and related topics.

Students of all ages attend Circles free of charge and have an opportunity to listen, learn and interact with discussion leaders.