Circles Since 1974

Over 4 decades fostering diversity, inclusion, civil discourse to create constructive change

Tens of thousands of intergenerational participants around the world engaging in hundreds of Circles

Empowering a global learning community

of social action


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International Delegations

South Africa

Listening and Learning Lessons of Apartheid 68 democracy activists from 8 countries for 10 days of dialogue from the office of President Nelson Mandela to health clinics of Townships


Making Community Work International delegation with professionals from the US and Cuban communities in fields of education, economics, health and business

Northern Ireland

Bill of Rights: Translating Peace Process Into Action Formal and informal meetings with diverse groups of community, religious, and government leaders addressing continued tensions as well as supporting actions that assure the peace process


Building Bridges: Peace Prospects International delegation focused on support and actions for peace through formal and informal dialogue among diverse groups of activists who continue working for peace despite overwhelming odds

South Africa

Africa’s Leadership Legacy: Intergenerational Dialogue with Elders and Emerging Leaders Order of Companions of O.R. Tambo, South Africa’s highest award for a foreign national presented to Jerry Dunfey, Harry Belafonte, Ron Dellums, Linda Biehle; presented by President Thabo Mbeki, Pretoria, South Africa (2008)



America’s Future — After the Turbulent 60’s Richard Goodwin

Nixon and Impeachment Henry Steele Commager

U.S./Canadian Relations Kenneth Curtis


New Politics Julian Bond

Early Warning/CIA Michael Harrington

The Kennedy View Edward Kennedy


Race and the City Jimmy Breslin

Young Ideas Andrew Young


Human Rights and Full Employment Coretta Scott King

Congress and Carter Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill


U.S. and the Economy John Kenneth Galbraith

The Carter Administration Jody Powell

Peace in Northern Ireland John Hume


City Decisions Edward Koch

New Right Effects on American Politics Thomas J. McIntyre

Americans for SALT Treaty Edward M. Kennedy & Henry Cabot Lodge

Consumer Movement and The Political Process Ralph Nader & Lyn May


Boston Symphony Orchestra Seiji Ozawa & Kyoto, Japan Delegation

Feminism Today Gloria Steinem

Peace & Conflict Resolution U.S. Commissioners of the Peace Academy

Africa’s Future Delegations from Southern African Nations and African-American Institute

Industry in Trouble Douglas Fraser


Cry Freedom: South Africa Awareness Donald & Wendy Woods

Afghanistan Between Three Worlds Liz Gould & Paul Fitzgerald


Direction of the National Urban League John Jacobs

Central America Turmoil Bianca Jagger & James Shannon

Nuclear Age — 10th Anniversary J. Rouse, I. Thorsson, J.K. Galbraith, E.Handler, G. Kistiakowsky

Legalized Racism/South Africa Donald Woods and Dick Gregory

A Choice of Heroes Mark Gerzon

20th Century Woman Jane Fonda & Judy Jarvis


Nuclear Proliferation Edward Markey

The Lincoln Trust Robert McNamara & Donald Woods

Canadian/American Relations Allen Gotlieb


Neighborhood Revitalization James Rouse

The Caribbean Future Michael Manley


Media’s Challenge Hodding Carter

South Africa’s Struggle Oliver Tambo & Callie Crossley

Ireland’s Future Anthony J.F. O’Reilley & Sheila Banks

Apartheid Today Beyers Naudé


Liberal vs. Conservative Barney Frank, John Sununu & Liz Walker

International Relations & Negotiations Roger Fisher

Witness to Apartheid Desmond Tutu, Harry Belafonte & Sharon Sopher

Reflections on the Oval Office Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter & Liz Walker

Women for a Meaningful Summit Margarite Papandreou & Judy Jarvis

Human Rights and Third World Women’s Projects Isabel Morel Letelier & E. Lovell Dyett


Homelessness Mitch Snyder, Carol Fennelley, Martin Sheen & Tanya Hart

Farm Issues Tom Harkin & Sarah McClendon

Central America in Turmoil Charlie Clements, Ed Asner & Uma Pemmaraju

Issues and Dilemmas of Leadership in Public Life Richard Thornburgh & Pam Moore

World Premiere Film “Cry Freedom” Donald Woods

Defending Our Children Marian Wright Edelman & Crocker Snow, Jr.

Rudman Speaks Out Warren Rudman & Carmen Fields


Revolution of Peace Daniel Berrigan & Janet Langhart

Women and International Leadership V. Garron de Doryan, S. Wood, G. Ferraro, & C. Saenz de Phillips

From Despair to Hope Harry Belafonte, Paul Meyer, Arn Chorn, Judith Thompson & The Children of War

U.S.S.R. and U.S. Economics — 15th Anniversary J.K. Galbraith, Stansislav Menshikov, Bill Moyers

Iran Contra Affair William Cohen, George Mitchell, & Judy Jarvis

Drugs Circle the Americas Clara Lopez Obregon, Mickey Leland, & Brad Willis


Inside the CIA William Webster & Ellen Hume

Mozambique and International Leadership Marcelino dos Santos

Middle Ground on the Middle East Mubarak Awad, Yosef Olmert & Marcia Gillespie

El Salvador: An Endless War? C. Clements, D. Farah, T. Gibb, C. Norton, F. Smyth, & C. Alvear

The Brady Bill Sarah Brady, Pete Shields & Charles Austin


Religious Activism and El Salvador Jennifer Casolo & Jackie O’Neill

Peace Dividends William Sloane Coffin & Marjorie Arons-Barron

Vision of a New Political Landscape Madeleine Kunin, Maxine Waters & Charles Royer

Civil Rights Today Julian Bond, Peter Mead & Henry Hampton

The New Global Economy Robert Reich & Lawrence Ingrassia


Alternatives to War in the Gulf Roger Fisher & Dianne Wilkerson

AIDS: The Global Epidemic Jonathan Mann & Jeanne Blake

Energy Resource and Policy Amory Lovins & Gregg Easterbrook

Principles and Profits Anita Roddick & Bo Burlingham

The African National Congress and Freedom Fighters Anthony Lewis, Albertina & Walter Sisulu

The Way of Newspapers Benjamin Bradlee, Tom Winship & David Nyhan


Russia Today and In the Future Olin Robison & Yelan Khanga

Tobacco Industry Under Fire Laurence Tribe, Marjorie Clapprood & Arnold Hiatt

Blueprints for the Next President Mark Green, Harvey Gantt & Madeleine Kunin

Restructuring Education James Freedman, Eugene Land & Juanita Wade


Why Race Matters Cornel West & Margot Strom

The Emerging World Democracy Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Ted Sorenson & Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Healing the Wounds of History, Healing Ourselves Jeffrey Brown & Wilma Mankiller


Ireland’s Possibilities — 20th Anniversary Andrew Young & Mary Robinson

Freedom Summer J. Brown, R. Coles, K. Delaney, M.W. Edelman, C. Goodman, A. Poussaint, E. Rivers, R. Robinson

New Directions in Healthcare and Welfare Donna Shalala & Hubie Jones

Republicans for Peace Gerry Adams & James Carroll

Support During the Apartheid Era Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Loyalists for Peace G. Spence, D. Ervine, G. McMichael, B. Hutchinson, D. Adams, J. English, K. Morrison

Monument of the Irish Peace Process John Hume & Kevin O’Neill


Affirmative Action A. Leon Higginbotham & Marty Linsky

Human Rights in Nigeria Frank Chikane, Willard Johnson & Sara Ting

Update: The Irish Peace Process Martin McGuiness & Kevin Cullen

Reclaiming Urban America Jesse Jackson & Liz Walker

My Day and Nights in the Chinese Den Harry & Ching Lee Wu & Loretta McLaughlin

Northern Ireland David Trimble & Robert O’Neill

Peace Corps: Vision for the 21st Century Mark Gearan & Paul Tsongas


Children, Family, Community Hilary Rodham Clinton & Alvin Poussaint

Northern Ireland: Prospects for Peace George Mitchell & Mary Richardson

Building Democracy in Haiti Jean-Bertrand Aristide & H.D.S. Greenway

Hope for America’s Secondary Education Theodore “Ted” Sizer & Sarah-Ann Shaw

Journey to Peace through Demilitarization and Development Oscar Arias & Margie Reedy


Working for Justice: A Global Challenge Richard Goldstone & Anthony Lewis

Environmentalism: Stewardship and Sustainability Carol Browner & David Ropeik

Labor for the Future: Shaping the World of Work Alexis Herman & Emily Rooney

Toward a Global Ban on Landmines Patrick Leahy & Michael Croll

Northern Ireland Community Leaders Speak May Blood, Liz Groves & Heeten Kalan

Beyond Partisanship: New Paradigms in Leadership Jeanne Shaheen & Tom Oliphant


Futures Worth Having: Our Gift to the World’s Children Graça Machel & Andrew Young

Sustaining the Hope for Freedom Alelaide Tambo

We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest Bernice Johnson Reagon & Henry Hampton

Why America Needs a Raise John Sweeney & Robert Reich

Truth & Reconciliation Desmond Tutu (with NH Humanities Council)

The New Assembly David Trimble, Seamus Mallon & Lois Roach


Northern Ireland: A New Government for a New Millennium David Trimble, Marjorie “Mo” Mowlam, Lois Roach, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, & Kevin O’Neill

Ethics and Athletes: A Challenge for Sports and Society Michael Wadsworth & Yelena Khanga

1999 Solas Awards presented to Eleanor Dunfey-Freiburger for the Dunfey family and Global Citizens Circle

Democracy and Freedom for China in the New Millennium Wei Jingsheng & Susan Weld

How Do We Create True Reconciliation? — 25th Anniversary John Hume, Coretta Scott King, Archbishop Desmond Tutu & Andrew Young


Nuclear Proliferation Richard Butler, Jonathan Schell, Susan Atwood, Joseph Biden, John Tierney, Stephen Cambone, Lisbeth Gronlund, Graham Allison & James Carroll

Peace Building in the Middle East Itzhak Levanon, Hasan Abdel Rahman & James Carroll

Reconciliation Efforts Recognized Belfast Award presented to Jack and Bob Dunfey for the Dunfey family and Global Citizens Circle

Building Bridges: Challenges for Education in Divided Societies Sheila Sisulu, Maureen McLaughlin, Martin McGuinness & Mary Brabeck

Renewing American Policy: Past As Prologue Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. & Laura Knoy


Making Community Work: Listening and Learning from Cuba’s professionals in Medicine, Education, Economics, and Business Elma Lewis, Harry Belafonte & Paul Solman

Northern Ireland Bill of Rights Dialogue with Archbishop Tutu Maurice Hayes, Martin O’Brien, Eleanor Dunfey-Freiburger


Global AIDS and the Human Right to Health with special dedication to Jonathan Mann Janet Wu, Sandra L. Thurman, Ochoru Otunnu & Eric Sawyer

Northern Ireland: Moving Forward in Peace David Trimble, Mark Durkan, Dr. Mamphela Ramphele & Margaret Warner

From Requiem to Renewal: A Decade of Balkan Conflict Dr. Westy Egmont, Stephen Walker, Mirza Kusljugic, John Shattuck & Edita Tahiri

Why War With Iraq? Callie Crossley, Scott Ritter & James Carroll


The AIDS Pandemic James W. Squires, MD, Rory Kennedy, Ochoro Otunnu & Kate Roberts

Politics of Community Change Hubie Jones, Cynthia “Mil” Duncan & Michael Swack

Romanticizing Violence and Conflict Karen Brown, Aqeela Sherrills & Peter Stringham, MD

Tranforming the Process: Women at the Peace Table Swanee Hunt, Luz Méndez & Steve Curwood

Celebrating and Renewing Civil Discourse — 30th Anniversary Andrew Young, Aqeela Sherrills, Kate Roberts, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Callie Crossley; and Mark Russell, special guest

Afghanistan: A Delicate Balance Sima Wali & Liz Walker


Bring the Children Home: The Will to End Homelessness Marian Wright Edelman, founder, Children’s Defense Fund and Felix Torres, executive director, Manchester NeighborWorks, and keynote speech, Martin Luther King, Jr. Coalition, Manchester, NH

Renewing Our Commitment Martin Luther King, III, board member Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Constructive Change; facilitator, Paul LeBlanc, president, Southern New Hampshire University


Born Into Brothels Screening of Oscar Award winning documentary, followed by discussion with Geralyn White-Dreyfous, producer, Southern New Hampshire University

Peace Prospects: An Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue Benjamin Pogrund, journalist; founder and director, Yakar Peace Center for Social Concern and Ata Qaymari, general director, Almadar for Translation and Press Service, project facilitator for workshops in conflict resolution, peace and reconciliation, Nadine B. Hack, president, beCause Global Consulting, Global Citizens Award presented to Benjamin Pogrund, Jerusalem


We Are All The Same: Aids and Children Jim Wooten, ABC journalist and author, facilitator, Eleanor Dunfey-Freiburger, Endowed Chair, Business Ethics, Southern New Hampshire University

Rabble Rouser for Peace: The Authorized Biography of Archbishop Tutu Book launch, John Allen, author, Cambridge, MA and New York, NY 2006), Cambridge, MA and New York, NY


Globalization, Ethics and Human Rights Mary Robinson, president, Ethical Globalization Initiative, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and former President of Ireland, connected her to University of Southern Maine

Left to Tell: The Rwandan Holocaust and Forgiveness Immaculée Ilibagiza, refugee, survivor, author; facilitator, Prince Tshabangu-Soko, student from Tanzania, Southern New Hampshire University

Conflict Resolution: Crips and Bloods Aqeela Sherrills, broker peace agreement between gangs, founder, The Reverence Movement, a peace initiative; facilitator, Eleanor Dunfey-Freiburger, professor of business ethics, Southern New Hampshire University (

Restoring America’s Moral Reputation in our World Peter Galbraith, senior diplomatic fellow, Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation and Samantha Power, Anna Lindh Professor of Practice of Global Leadership and Public Policy, Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government


Order of Companions of O.R. Tambo South Africa’s highest award for a foreign national presented to Jerry Dunfey, Harry Belafonte, Ron Dellums, Linda Biehle; presented by President Thabo Mbeki, Pretoria, South Africa

Africa’s Leadership Legacy: Our Elders and Emerging Leaders in Dialogue Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Chair, Commonwealth Nations with ‘Mbatha Muendane, student in Pretoria; Madonna Moate, student, Johannesburg; facilitator, Xolela Mangcu, resident scholar, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa; Walter Sisulu Square, Soweto

Green Justice: Caring for People and Planet Together Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Marjora Carter, founder, Sustainable South Bronx; facilitator, Steve Curwood, PRI’s Living on Earth 


Commencement Address Nadine B. Hack, CEO, beCause Global Consulting and visiting professor, International Graduate School of Community Economic Development, Southern New Hampshire University

AIDS: The Personal Stories Bishop Gene Robinson, Episcopal Vicar, NH; facilitated by Lillye Ramos Spooner, community leader, AIDS activist, Universal AIDS Day


Afghanistan: Between Three Worlds Liz Gould and Paul Fitzgerald, filmmakers, researchers, authors, activists; co-sponsored with the NH World Affairs Council


Capitalising on Social Capital Lew Feldstein, author and former president, NH Charitable Foundation, University of New England


Walk in My Shoes: Conversations Between a Civil Rights Legend and His Godson on the Journey Ahead Andrew Young and Kabir Sehgal, New Hampshire Humanities; William ‘Bud’ Dunfey award presented to Ambassador Young by Joe Keefe, CEO, Pax World Funds


Remembering Madiba, Honoring President Nelson Mandela Mpho’ Muendane, daughter of refugees exiled after Soweto Uprising, textile designer; Eleanor Dunfey-Freiburger, professor of Civic Engagement, Southern New Hampshire University

Where’s the Outrage Over Our Failed Health Care System Philip Caper, M.D, founding director, Maine ALLcare, GCC delegate to Cuba, 2001; University of New England


Peace and Reconciliation in Libya Discussion between Ali Ahmida, political science professor, University of New England and Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Cuba Opening Frank Smythe, journalist, human rights activist, GCC participant, initiated conversation regarding GCC’s involvement in a new not-for-profit organization


Economic Empowerment and Income Inequality: New Civil Rights Imperative Marc Morial, president, National Urban League, Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday program presenter

Commencement Address and Honorary Degree Recipient Swanee Hunt, president, Hunt Alternatives and former U.S. Ambassador to Austria, Southern New Hampshire University

Investing as a Social Change Strategy Joe Keefe, CEO, Pax World Funds, University of New England


Activism That Works: Starting Now and Staying At It Monica McWilliams, Opal Tometi, Phumeza Mlungwana, Heeten Kanti Kalan, and guests of honor Desmond & Leah Tutu, Khayelitsha, South Africa


Since 1974, Global Citizens Circle Awards have recognized ordinary people living extraordinarily courageous lives.

These awards have been earned in schools, prison cells, courts, protest marches, boardrooms and newsrooms, at kitchen tables and in neighborhood lanes.

We are privileged to have such human beings as members of our Global Citizens’ family, and we are fortunate, indeed, to have their example to keep our hope alive.